Let there be light

As many of us are still working from home and will be for the foreseeable future I am starting a series of articles with tips on how to work remotely with the greatest success. I will include excerpts from my upcoming book 50 Pages on… Working from home successfully during hard times and Beyond.

Lighting is critical for productivity. Poor lighting increases eye strain and fatigue. I will share what I suggest from the book shortly. First a Tip for all new home office workers.

Zoom and services like it are the primary means of communication during this Crisis. It allows us to at least see one another and the all-important facial cues and at least some body language.

Overhead lighting is generally not enough for the best appearance on a video conference. I do not suggest we all run out and buy professional video lighting bars, I do recommend additional lighting while using video.

Desk lamps are often ideal but here are some tips to make the most of them.

If you have two directional desk lamps you should angle them to provide light from two sides. Let’s call the monitor and camera 12 on a clock face. Place one lamp at 10:00 and one at 2:00. That will give you even lighting. If you only have one place it as centered as possible, if it is too high or too low it will cast odd shadows.

If the light makes you look pale or washed out simply place a square of wax paper or printer paper over the lamp as shown in the picture. This will serve to diffuse the light and give you more even illumination.

These tips can be used for webinars, training videos anytime you want a well lit natural illumination for your video.

A bit about lighting from 50 Pages on… Working from home successfully during hard times and Beyond.

Let there be light

Natural vs. artificial light


It is common sense that we need a well light workplace. Home office, spare bedrooms, or walled off corners are not designed for maximum productivity lighting.

You may remember that I suggested you face your desk towards a window. Natural light signals our bodies and minds to be awake and doing something. I keep the blinds of my three windows tilted up, this allows the sunlight in, but I cannot see any distractions that might be outside.

Anyone in Alaska can tell you a lack of sunlight can cause depression and that, in addition to mental health risk, will kill productivity.

As lighting is critical to productivity, we have to assume in many cases, the natural light and ceiling lights will not be enough.

This is easily remedied with lamps; ideally, a desk lamp, or in a pinch, bring over a couple of lifestyle lamps.

The important thing is to have plenty of light to see clearly as you work.

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As always, May you achieve success as YOU define it!



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