Personality and Behavior Assessments reduce turnover by 95%!

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson applies the TriMetrix Assessment and sees a 95% reduction in first-year turnover.

A CEO takes on the war for talent

…Problem was, too many of NetSuite’s new hires weren’t working out. In 2008, 100 of the 450 new hires left before they had been at the company a full year. At the same time, executives couldn’t understand why it was always the same 10 guys pulling in the highest sales.

Réaume, who has a master’s degree in organizational psychology, began to roll out an assessment tool called TriMetrix that is used to create a profile of the traits and behaviors of successful salespeople. Company stars consistently scored the same way; those who didn’t make it also held a common profile. NetSuite started using the test in its recruitment of sales executives, along with in-person interviews. The result? Last year just five salespeople left within a year of their start date… FORTUNE Magazine.

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